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Why Good Vibes. In a Box?


And build your exclusive collection

Every month, we celebrate one incredible, NJOOYS design and send an exclusive handmade bangle + necklace of it right to YOUR door. We’ll also include an original printable art download and a paired wallpaper download to sweeten the deal even more. So YESSS, go ahead. Freak out. You finally found the company that celebrates YOU in your uniqueness on a monthly basis with nothing less than the best of our good vibes.



You can’t get anywhere else

When we say special edition, we’re not playing games – we mean it! Eva, the founder of NJOOYS, works closely with a small excellent design team of Instagram influencers and fashion stylists to come up with something you (actually) can’t find anywhere else and can’t be compared to anything else. We’re talking about exclusive artwork, fantastic typography, thought-provoking designs, handmade with love in the United States and only available to NJOOYS “Good Vibes. In A Box” members. The only thing that won’t surprise you each month is how much you end up loving your new shinin’ itself.



Spread good vibes. everywhere

Wear your “Good Vibes” every day as your daily mind feeder, affirmation, and inspiration. By simply wearing them you’ll create an incredible ripple effect – you literally spread good vibes everywhere you go as all of our luxury pieces are made to uplift you and those around you, promoting a lifestyle of optimism, positivity, and mindfulness. [SERIOUS WARNING: Karma has no deadline!!!]




Private Invite to our secret “Good Vibes. Tribe” Facebook group – exclusive for “Good Vibes. In A Box” members. The Place to inspire and get inspired. Consume our daily content, ask burning questions, post inspiring quotes or experiences to help others, and connect with like-minded people.

After reading that list, you’re probably thinking to yourself “yeah right, there couldn’t be more.” But there is more – a LOT more. And we guarantee that all of it will help you stay tuned-in, tapped-in, turned-on in positivity.




Do I have to sign my life away?
Absolutely. You belong to us now forever. Just kidding!

  • No contract, no strings, no guilt trips. You can cancel anytime, cause that’show we roll. No questions asked.
  • No hidden fees, either. We are absolutely not like that. Promise.
  • Top-shelf customer service to make sure you get the answers and help you need as soon as humanly possible.


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This is one of my favorite

I am in a place right now where it is very easy to give up and just throw in the towel. Sometimes it feels like it’s the only thing left to do. But I do my best to stay motivated. Seeing this "Don't Quit Shirt" gives me that extra push. Whenever I wear this tee and look at the mirror, each time my resolved is reinforced. Don’t quit. I tell myself. Never ever quit. And on days that are better than others, it’s a great reminder of my successes. Each time I conquer that feeling of defeat is a cause for celebration. I really love NJOOYS. This is just one of the products that I purchased from them. They really make great statement shirts and items. This one is my favorite.- Tyler P.

My Sis loves her pillow

My sister has been through a tough year. I’ve been doing everything I can to help her out. Sometimes, it feels like a losing battle but I keep telling her to hold on and make the most of the situation. I saw this pillow "Your Choice Pillow" with this cute image and text. I knew she would appreciate it so I bought it for her. She said it helped her to always consciously make the choice to see the good in everything. Helping her has also helped me be strong. We always have a choice whether we want to stay in the dark places that life has put us in or see the hope at the back of it that we can make things better. She loves her pillow and she never sleeps without it.
- Shannon B.

Great Morning Motivation

This "I Can___'_t Mug" is a great morning motivation for me. Every day I get up, I look at it and I immediately feel energized. I love love love how it’s there like it’s greeting me every morning. And each time, I tell myself that I can. I can get through the day. I can succeed and I feel proud of myself at the end of the day even for my small accomplishments. Each milestone no matter how small – counts!
- Louise A.

Great Reminder

I purchased the "Gr8ful IPhone Case" because it has a powerful message on the back. How wonderful it is to be reminded to be grateful everyday. I get stressed out and I look at my phone… then I see my case and it tells me to be grateful that I have these things to be busy about. I am grateful that I made this purchase. It means a lot to me and I truly feel happier since I practice gratitude on a daily basis.
- Bryna D.