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→ A: If you have followed our photo guidelines then yes your photo is most probably good enough for portrait use.

  • Always take the photo under bright lighting conditions (natural sunlight is the best)
  • Do your best to take the photo at your pet’s eye level.
  • It is not mandatory for the pet to be looking directly at the camera.
  • Please try to capture a close up of your pet so that we can analyze the unique features.
  • Please make sure that every feature (ear, nose, hair) are in focus so that no detail is lost. We portray what we see.
  • Always try to bring out the authentic fur color in the photo. The color that appears in the photo will be the color that appears in the end result.

We analyze each photo we receive with every order and we inform you via email if another photo is required but it is always a good practice to make sure that you are uploading the best possible photo. 

If we require a new photo from you, it might delay the delivery time by a few days. 

Please note that if you don’t provide us with the replacement photo after we request it, it might result in unsatisfactory artwork. To avoid any disappointments please provide us with the replacement photo promptly. 

The client is entirely responsible for the quality of the photo. Although we do our best to provide you with the proper photo guideline but it is not our responsibility to chase after you for a better photo. Low quality photo will translate into a low quality artwork. The examples of pet portraits you see on the website were all produced using high quality photos.

For more details go to our photo guide for custom pet wall art here:

>>> Photo Guide

A: We provide 200% customer satisfaction guarantee that any pet will look great in any portrait.

We have a team of highly skilled and trained artists to back this claim.

In case you are not satisfied [which hasn’t happened until now] we will do everything in our power to put a big smile on your face.

 A: We're proud to say we have some of the best artists working here at Njooys! That means there are not many photos that we can't work with. If you want to know for sure if the photo you are interested in using for your order will work, please email it to us at and we will confirm :)

A: If your pet has very dark features and you fear they won’t show up on a custom with dark background, we advise you to select a different costume.



A: No worries! Although we do pride ourselves in making most photos work, there are times where the angle, lighting, or quality just will not work. In this case you will be contacted immediately through email requesting additional photos for us to use/review for reference.

A: No. As long as the photo is taken under proper lightning conditions and all the pet features are in focus, the background stuff shouldn’t matter and we are able to remove it.

A: Yes absolutely. In case you want to provide additional photos simply email us at chat@njooys,com and we will pick the best photo from the bunch. Please use “extra photos” as the subject of your email.

[For best results email us within 24 of placing the order]. 

→ A: We offer 3 different pillow sizes. Each one is 100% HAND-MADE! Individually Cut And Sewn To The Shape Of Your Dog, Cat, Baby, Dream Car Etc... Crafted With Lots Of Care And Attention To Detail.


  • 16" = 40cm ideal for small pets like cats, small dogs and puppies
  • 20" = 50cm ideal for medium size pets like cats and dogs
  • 24" = 60cm ideal for bigger size pets like big dogs
  • [PLEASE NOTE: You can also order bigger size pillows for smaller pets]

→ A: The pillows show the best results and wow factor when only one pet, person or subject placed on each pillow.

→ A: Of course, it is not limited to dogs or cats! Whatever photo you upload, we are able to turn it into a cushion. Pictures of your fish, hamster, lizard... Even your friends and family, dream car whatever you would like!

→ A: Each discount auto-applies at checkout in combination with the purchase of 1 pillow at regular price. Please use the add on buttons on the product page to add the discounted pillows.  

→ A: Yes we do to purchase one go to >>> Our Legendary Gift Card Page

A: It is NOT! We also create custom inspirational quote art and sound-wave-art  with any photo or audio and we do work with ALL ANIMALS :) 

We're proud to say we have a great team of professional artists who go through specialize NJOOYS training. This allows us to work on most photos taken with a smart phone. No need worry, if we think it'd be best to try another photo, we'll ask you for one! 

Only at NJOOYS is your order NOT finalized until you approve of it! [Except custom shape pillows. No approval process is needed here]. That's right! We'll make your artwork, send you a preview for FREE, and you can make edits until you're happy! We'll even try a new photo for you if necessary.

 A: We use 5 different canvas frame sizes. Each frame is MUSEUM-GALLERY-WRAPPED.

Prints are stretched over a 1.25"-deep bar made from 100% renewable, kiln dried, knot free, finger jointed wood. Assembled by hand.


8"x10" = 20x25cm

This is the perfect budget-friendly option. Choose this size if you want to gift yourself something unique and special but don’t want to empty your wallet.

16" x 20" = 40x50cm

This is your ultimate choice for a gift to someone meaningful. Perfect mixture of uniqueness and awe-inspiring beauty.

24" x 30" = 60x75cm

A great mid-sized canvas perfectly suited for lobbies, living spaces, bedrooms, and of course... above your pet's bed! 

30" x 40" = 75x100cm

This is our personal favorite. This size is our original offering and one of our top sellers worldwide. You can’t go wrong with this size. This is the perfect size for showcasing all the minor details and unique features of your pet.

We love this one! You will love this one! Your family & friends will love this one!

36”x54” = 90x135cm

You love giants? Can’t get better than this one! This huge size has enough acreage to not just fill your walls but also fill your heart with joy. If you want your heart to skip a beat every time you look at the portrait, this is the ultimate choice for you!

 A: We are a digital design studio and there are a lot of propreitary photo editing techniques involved. We employ professional photo retouching as well as a number of complex brush strokes and blending methods to produce an art-piece that will wow you. 

 A: Yes of course. Please choose our “Add-On-Option” under the add to cart button, if you want to add some extra text to the artwork. For example: Names, a special date or anything that you want to preserve in memory.

If your pet is wearing some accessory in the original photo, we can portray that as well in the artwork.

Same deal with the collars. It is always recommended to take the photo without the collar so that the features of the neck are prominent.

 A: Yes. You will receive an email with the final design before it is sent to the printer. The artwork will not be printed until we receive approval from you.

 A: You can expect to see your artwork in 2-4 business days, depending on the season and/or art style you choose. We do offer a "skip the line" option if you would like to have your artwork made sooner. When you choose 24hour express design proof, your artwork will be prioritized and completed within 24hours.

 A: We do our best to nail it the first time. However, if you do not like your artwork or had something else envisioned please let us know and we will work on it until it's perfect! That's right, we offer unlimited edits on all custom artwork.

 A: Revisions take 1-2 business days depending on the season.

 A: Hmmmm… Yes, No... Maybe!

It really depends on how quickly we are able to receive your notification, contact the printing department, locate your order on the print line, and stop it. If we are not able to get to it in time and it has already been printed we will make sure to do what we can, so that you are happy. 

 A: More than 95% of the canvases are created using image wrap. Image wrap [gallery wrap] means that the image will melt over the edges of the canvas to give a borderless appeal to your artwork.

However, in some cases we have to what we call ‘black wrap’. What black wrap means is that the image is printed on the front of the canvas and the borders are printed in black. The end result is not affected in any way by doing so don’t worry!

We do black wrap only if necessary. For example, if your pet has long and pointy ears because doing an image wrap might result in your pet’s ears being stretched over the edges of the canvas.

 A: Yes, bingo… we offer FREE shipping on all orders over $97.

 A: Yes indeed. You can order from any country in the world.

 A: You sure can! Simply CLICK HERE to go to our tracking page.

A: Please go to our order tracking page to see the status of your order. 

→ A: Your credit card company will perform the currency conversion and charge you in your country's currency.

→ A: You can insert your discount code on the right-hand side of your checkout page.

 A: You can receive your order in as little as 5-10 business days. Although we do all we can to fully optimize our systems to ensure the fastest possible results. All of our artwork is custom and all of our products are made to order, so it does take a bit of time. If you feel like your order is taking too long, please reach out to us at

 A: For North American, South American and Canadian customers our products are developed and shipped from U.S.A.

For Europe and the rest of the world, we create and ship our products from EU.

→ A: Please contact us directly for bulk orders:

 A: Unfortunately, once your artwork is approved we are not able to change the shipping address. You may be able to contact the shipping carrier to request the package be held and the shipping address be changed, but unfortunately we cannot on your behalf.

 A: This could be due to a couple of reasons. First place we want to start is by makeing sure you double check if you have already reviewed, and approved your artwork. Or, could it be that we are waiting for a new photo? Remember, we don't print and ship anything until you review and approve your artwork.

 A: Unfortunately, accidents happen and although we do all we can to prevent them they still do occur. If your tracking says your package has been "delivered" we assume from our end that it has been, but we know all too well that may not be the case. Packages get stolen, misplaced, mis-scanned, etc. Just reach out to us, we'll make sure we work together to find it.

 A: Absolutely YES! You can change your order anytime before your artwork is approved.

 A: Sure you can!  

We obviously aren't as excited about that as it seems ;-) [exclamation points are so misleading]. But one of the main reasons customers choose NJOOYS is that anytime from the time you place your order to the time you approve your artwork, you can cancel. ANYTIME! Not just within 2 hours after purchase, not within 2 days after purchase. You can cancel your order ANYTIME before you approve your artwork! Is this the case we will issue a full refund as a gift card.

A: Unfortunately, we cannot mark a package as a gift if it is not a gift from us to you. Please be aware that fraudulently claiming that a package is a gift can get you into trouble.  Please read below.

Note: Some unscrupulous overseas suppliers openly advertise on the internet, or on their web-sites that they will deliberately either misdescribe items or underdeclare their value in order to evade customs charges that are legally due on importation. You should be aware that although the foreign sender may have completed the customs declaration form on the parcel you are regarded (in law) as the importer of the goods and responsible for the information on the declaration, and any customs charges that may be due. This means that if you purchase goods from these suppliers and the declaration is found to be false or misleading you may be liable to financial penalties or criminal prosecution. Furthermore, the goods themselves will be liable to forfeiture. It is in your own interests to ensure Customs declarations are completed properly.

→ A: Please go to our Contact Form Page to send us an email or use the chat box in the bottom right corner of our page.