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No one can do everything but everyone can do something...

Hi this is Eva, CEO and founder of N|JOOYS...

I am glad you made it to this page, it says a lot about you...

See I truly believe in the power of BIG! Dream BIG, Think BIG, Aim BIG and more important than anything else - take BIG action!

So I've decided to do something really BIG...

more about that later... lets fast rewind to November 2012!

I remember exactly the moment I first told someone, that I want to help build schools in Africa and I want to teach Personal Development there, Yes! It was at a Seminar in Frankfurt | Germany November 2012. Back then he was a complete stranger to me... He looked at me with his big brown eyes and said: "You are going to make it happen - I believe in you!" And that was it... I was so touched by his words and close to tears, as I somehow knew that it is true...

I knew I wanted to make a difference, I knew that my Life is not just about me... I knew that this is part of my mission and my journey, but I didn’t have any clue on how to go from there... time passed by... crazy things happened and my Life changed like night and day but I was still far far far away from building schools in Africa...

Till I met Cynthia Kersey the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of the Unstoppable Foundation for the first time in Toronto | Canada December 2015. Her accomplishment in the past few years impressed me, of which I knew from the very first moment that I want to be involved with this organization in some way...

Just a few month later, in March 2016 I was invited to the Unstoppable Gala in LA along with Brian Proctor to honor his dad Bob Proctor for being such a strong supporter of the Unstoppable Foundation and a few days later I told Bob and Cynthia that I would love to help by sponsoring villages myself and teach in these schools 1x per year voluntarily.

Brian Proctor
Bob Proctor

An Idea was born and fixed in my mind...
as mentioned before, I wanted to do something BIG - remember?
Well, here it is...


I made it my goal to sponsor 1 self-sustaining village per month - every month!

By donating $1 of each purchase to the Unstoppable Foundation.

Month in Month out. One village per month - One village at a time.

Our collective efforts will build and furnish school houses and give the entire communities access to clean water, sanitation, food and nutrition, healthcare, and alternative income training for parents to transform each village into becoming self-sustaining for generations to come!


  • Well in my upcoming book CHOICE OF VOICE I tell you the whole story on how I managed to go to school by the age of 5 despite the odds and German school laws were not in my favor at all...
  • See back then, I was already fascinated with learning, growing, reading, writing... no way I wanted to wait another year or two to go to school... That is actually just one of the many reasons why I think that every child deserves an education and I truly believe that we are here on this planet to grow... WE MUST GROW just like the flowers, the plants, the trees, and all nature!
  • Unfortunately, the truth is that 57 Million children around the world live without access to even a basic education! 43% of those children live in Africa. Their question is not am I going by the age of 5 or 7 - their question is will I be able to go at all?!
  • Studies prove that education changes everything.
  • Education has been proven to yield a larger impact than ANY other form of help or aid we can give. For every year of education, HIV rates go down, early pregnancy rates decrease, and income potential increases. Just learning to read and write could lift 171 million people out of poverty.


  • The Unstoppable Foundation is a non-profit humanitarian organization bringing sustainable education to children and communities in developing countries thereby creating a safer and juster world for everyone.


  • Education is even more than reading, writing, and arithmetic. The Unstoppable Foundation follows a 5-Pillar development model that incorporates everything crucial to lifting communities from poverty and removing obstacles to educating children. This model recognizes that no problem and no solution stand alone. Each pillar provides vital support to facilitate and sustain community development.
  • The Unstoppable Foundation’s proven model not only builds schools, but provides the entire community with access to clean water and sanitation, food and nutrition, healthcare, and alternative income training for parents.

The five-pillar model is designed so everything is owned and maintained by the community, and the project is completely self-sustaining within five years of the completed implementation.



Unstoppable's angel ambassadors fund all operating costs to make sure that

100% of your donations go directly to Sponsor a Village.


It is N|JOOYS vision to improve the quality of lives globally by elevating the quality of thoughts individually.

So for us, the Unstoppable Foundation is fundamentally in alignment with our core values, beliefs, purpose and mission.

No One has Ever Become Poor From Giving...

Get Involved In This Mission

The vast majority of the children, women, and men in Africa are living in absolute poverty with no hope of uplifting themselves, or their communities out of poverty, without our support.

Together we can TRANSFORM that outcome, and give entire communities the resources they need to become self-sustaining.

Join THE N|JOOYS ONE VILLAGE PER MONTH CHALLENGE today! Help us sponsor 1 new village per month escape the vicious cycle of poverty by providing access to an education. Education has been proven to yield a larger impact than ANY other form of help or aid we can give. It improves health, income, promotes gender equality, and reduces overall poverty.

Make a purchase today and we donate $1 of it to the Unstoppable Foundation or make a direct donation.

One Village Per Month - One Village At A Time

Are You In?